Spiuk Cold&Rain Bib

749,50 kr

(*) The Spiuk Profit Bibshort Cold & Rain is the solution for those days in which the cold already is a made. It is built in Thermoroubaix® fabric, which guarantees an effective thermal maintenance.

To test of rainfall thanks to the treatment Water Resistant and their pad Elastic Interface especially designed for the rain and for a time of use optimum of 5 hours.

Your pad is manufactured with foam of double density with inserts of ultra-high density, without seams and material Bi-elastico. Without transition areas and getting a surface completely flat. Its woven of microfiber X-50 and foam perforated are ideal for the dried ultra-fast.

-Ideal for temperatures between 6 and 20 ° C.
-Built with woven Thermoroubaix® in two layers and seams flat.
-Layer internal in polyester to facilitate the evacuation of the sweat.
-Tight pattern of short leg.
-High fees for extra protection against splashes.
-Treatment Water Resistant integrated into the process of creation of the fabric for greater efficiency and durability.
-Integrated and reinforced straps.
-For a better breathable mesh inserts.
-Pad Elastic Interface® optimized for outputs of up to 5 hours and designed especially for rain.
-Elements reflective.

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