Alfa Arctic 11+ Lime Green

3999,00 kr

The name says it all. ARCTIC- pure, clean, art like design lines with state of art drag system. Utilizing the most advanced materials available our designers and engineers has created an beautiful beast. Northern nature and art has been a driving force for this outstanding look. It’s not only a cool looking desing that matters it is equally important what is inside. Our team created this unique modern drag system to provide maximum drag power with ultra smooth starting friction.

Arctic fly reels utilize multi-disk carbon drag systems because we recognize it is the most efficient material for dissipating extreme heat without wear. Unlike alternative drag components such as cork, plastic or polymers carbon does not compress, deteriorate, melt, or burn. It allows us to create compact drag systems that are high performance, stable, durable, and repeatable. Our Arctic fly reels provides an extreme drag power of 17,5kg / 38lb on size 5 and 7

Arctic reels features full frame design so no line can escape from spool during the fishing. This is key features when fishing with modern small diameter backing lines like our Alfa Gel-Spun. Also equally important on euro nymphin where long leaders are used.

Our unique drag knob is one of key features. This drag knob follow the natural grip of the finger and gives you better feeling for easy turning of drag knob.

Arctic reels also features unique no tools need it retrieve change.

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